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Botox in Cambridge, MD

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Cambridge Botox Treatments at Driftwood Advanced Aesthetics

Worry-Free. Hassle-Free. Wrinkle-Free.

You try not to sweat the small stuff. But those fine lines you see popping up in the mirror and in pictures… Well, they’re starting to bother you more than they should. At Driftwood Advanced Aesthetics in Cambridge Botox and other neuromodulators treat the underlying cause of wrinkles by getting the muscles that make them to relax — while still allowing you to fully express yourself. Our trained aesthetic providers have the precision and the experience to give you natural-looking, flawless features, so you can get back to living life worry-free. Because beauty doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by appointment.

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What is a Neuromodulator?

You can’t bottle youth, but it turns out you can inject it.

Neuromodulators, like Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin, are derived from botulinum toxin type A and are FDA approved to treat facial wrinkles like "11" lines between the brows, frown lines, and forehead creases.

Neuromodulators smooth, diminish, and prevent wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that cause common facial creases. The highly-trained injectors at Driftwood Advanced Aesthetics use these neuromodulators, like Botox, to safely and effectively reduce the signs of dynamic wrinkles and aging.

What are the benefits of Botox?

A Dynamic Wrinkle Reducer

  • Smooth the appearance of wrinkles in between the eyebrows, around the eyes, in the forehead, or around the mouth
  • Help prevent new wrinkles from forming and existing wrinkles from deepening by relaxing the facial muscles
  • Quick and easy procedure
  • Fast recovery and no downtime
  • Noticeable results within two weeks
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Am I a good candidate for Botox?

Know before you go

Most healthy adults can receive Botox unless pregnant, breastfeeding, or allergic. During your appointment, our licensed aesthetic practitioners will review your health and history to make sure you’re a good candidate.

Your Botox Procedure

Beauty that fits your schedule

Botox is the quintessential “lunchtime” touch-up. Injections can usually be done in ten to 30 minutes, and there is no downtime after treatment.

Botox Recovery

Good to go

After receiving Botox Cambridge patients should not rub or massage the treatment area for at least four hours after treatment to prevent the Botox from spreading. You should avoid strenuous exercise and blood thinners for 24 hours post-treatment. Other than that, you are free to do all your normal activities.

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Botox Results

Goodbye, wrinkles!

While some patients see results sooner, you can expect to see your wrinkles start to fade within a week of treatment. Be sure to schedule a touch-up treatment every three to four months to preserve your results!

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Schedule your Cambridge Botox appointment with Driftwood today

Don’t let fine lines creep into your look. Our licensed aesthetic specialists have the training and experience to give you precise, lasting relief from fine lines and wrinkles. We serve patients in Cambridge, Dorchester County, Easton, Talbot County, and the surrounding areas. Schedule your Cambridge Botox appointment today!

BotoxFrequently Asked Questions

Will It Hurt?

We use very thin needles for Botox injections to maximize comfort. At most, you’ll feel a little pinch. You might experience swelling or discomfort at the injection site after treatment, but this is usually mild and resolves on its own.

Does My Insurance Cover It?

Botox is an elective cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance.

Simply put, aesthetic services make us happy. Invest in the best version of you with our help. Our team at Driftwood Advanced Aesthetics will work with you to achieve your aesthetic goals in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. We are committed to bringing you the best experience possible. Schedule your appointment today, or fill out our contact form for more information and experience the difference that advanced aesthetics can have in your life.

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